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    EasyPark Information



    EasyPark Makes Paying for Parking Easy


    EasyPark is a convenient way to pay for parking in downtown Portsmouth.  Rather than digging for change, fidgeting with credit card meters or walking back and forth to buy and display a parking receipt from a Pay and Display machine, just choose your city (Portsmouth, Dover and Manchester are currently participating in the program), choose your zone and start the clock.  When you get back to your vehicle, just turn the device off--the benefit, you only pay for the time you actually use.  The device knows when free holiday parking is in force, when enforcement starts and when it stops.  If you come into town before enforcement starts and turn on your device,  the unit will stay in standby and not start counting down from the max time in that location until the clock reaches enforcement time.  Alternatively, if you come into town late in the day an hour before enforcement ends, it will go into standby mode  after an hour and stop counting off money until enforcement starts again the next day. 

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    EasyPark Customer Service


    EasyPark Customer Service is available at 140 Court St. in Portsmouth behind the Feaster Apartments. 
    Customer service hours are noon to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday--alternative hours are available by appointment.

    There is a dedicated doorbell at the rear entrance to the apartments that alerts the Parking Enforcement/EasyPark Customer Service Manager to the presence of someone needing help.   
    The customer service department can help solve equipment issues and load funds for those customers who have trouble connecting their devices to the EasyPark website, however, new and additional devices may only be ordered online through the EasyPark website at

    Those who need to get in touch with Portsmouth EasyPark Customer Service outside of established hours may call (603) 828-3020.