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The map below illustrates all the Pay and Display Units in the City of Portsmouth. Click on the icons for details on the zones and rates.

  • Red Icons
    (Zone A-High Occupancy, 3-Hour Max, $2.00 per hour)
  • Blue Icons
    (Zone B- Standard, 3-Hour Max, $1.50 per hour)
  • Green Icons
    (Zone C- 4-Hour Max, $1.50 per hour)

What is a Pay & Display Meter?
Pay & Display Meters are automated parking meters that replace multiple parking meters on a block. All customers parking on that block pay the meter and display the payment receipt on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Can I use credit cards?
Yes. All Pay & Display Meters accept coins and credit cards, but there is a minimum credit card purchase of 1 hour.

What if I have a motorcycle?
Motorcycle riders still need to pay the meter and display the receipt securely on the motorcycle. If you paid by credit card and you receive an expired meter ticket due to a missing receipt, we can track the transaction and determine whether or not the ticket was issued with time still remaining on your purchase. Whether paid by cash or credit card, take the perforated stub with you as proof of purchase.

Will I get a ticket while paying the meter?
No. All of the meters are within view of the parking spaces, and our Parking Enforcement Officers know to look for you before issuing a ticket.


What if a meter doesn’t work?
You can purchase time from a nearby unit. If there is a problem with a meter, it communicates electronically with parking division employees. A malfunctioning coin or card slot will automatically close, preventing customers from paying if a receipt cannot Be issued.

How will parking spaces be reserved for construction activities?
Currently, the City rents meter bags at a cost of $25 each per day. For the Pay & Display Meters, a parking pass can be purchased for commercial use only from the Parking Clerk’s Office at City Hall. Bag renters will be responsible for reserving
their spaces.

What are the public benefits?

  • Convenience of credit card payments
  • Customers receive a receipt and are
    able to take their remaining parking
    time with them to any City meter
  • No more meter posts - frees up sidewalk
    space for pedestrians
  • Pay & Display meters are more reliable
    than traditional parking meters